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Amenities and Property Committee Meetings

(Previously General Purposes)



23 January 2023 Draft Minutes

24 October 2022 Minutes

27 June 2022 Minutes
28 February 2022 Minutes
12 January 2022 Cancelled

1 November 2021 Minutes

25 October 2021 Minutes 

2 August 2021 Minutes

28 June 2021 Minutes


26 April 2021 Minutes

22 February 2021 Minutes

28 December 2020 General Purposes Committee Minutes

26 October 2020 General Purposes Committee Minutes

29 June 2020 General Purposes Committee Minutes 

The Amenities Committee usually meets six times a year. The Committee is responsible for The Burial Ground in Campingfield Lane, the maintenance of the closed Churchyard and closed cemetery. It manages the allotment site located near the Staithe and many of the street lights in the town.


This Committee also works with Norfolk County Council Highways, reporting issues and in partnership on some improvement projects.

Members of the committee are :

Cllr Toone

Cllr Bayes

Cllr Green

Cllr Hanton

Cllr Willoughby

Cllr Hood

For Burial Ground Regulations, privacy documents and applications forms go to the Services and Amenities section of the website.

For draft allotment tenancy agreement and privacy documents go to the Services and Amenities section  of the website

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