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Services and amenities 


The allotments are owned by the Town Council and applications for tenancy should be sent to the Clerk.

There is currently a waiting list for plots, please contact the clerk to add your details.

There are 26 allotments at present of differing sizes  where the allotment tenants grow a variety of different vegetables – soft fruits and flowers. The age range of allotment tenants goes from late twenties to eighty years old which makes for a very good mix of local residents.

Allotment tenancy agreement 

Burial Ground Campingfield Lane


The Town Council is the Burial Authority at Stalham and manages the Burial Ground at the end of Campingfield Lane.  

The Council also has responsibility for maintaining the two closed cemeteries at St Mary's, the main churchyard where the Church is located and also the cemetery on the corner of Campingfield Lane and Brumstead Road.

Burial Ground conditions and fees 

Exclusive Right Privacy document

Burial Ground
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